Advertising is welcomed not only as assistance with our operating costs, but also as it provides a balance to our paper between the editorial news and the provision of information on traders and business services in our own community.  Readership of the monthly paper is in the order of 2500 – 3000, and we seek to stimulate the use of local services, many of whom have local references available for you to follow up.

Our rates (download here) are seen to be modest with flexible advertising periods available.  There is the facility for change in advert design or message in any period without charge.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Advertising Manager:
Alan Wright, Tel: 0118 947 6958

Submission of adverts for inclusion must reach the advertising manager by the following dates (for 2017):

  • Friday 3rd November (for December Edition)
  • Friday 24th November (for January 2018 Edition)
  • Friday 5th January (for February 2018 Edition)
  • Friday 2nd February (for March Edition)
  • Friday 2nd March (for April Edition)
  • Friday 30th March (for May Edition)
  • Friday 27th April (for June Edition)
  • Friday 1st June (for July Edition)
  • Friday 29th June (for August Edition)
  • Friday 27th July (for September Edition)
  • Friday 31st August (for October Edition)
  • Friday 5th October (for November Edition)
  • Friday 2nd November (for December Edition)
  • Friday 23rd November (for January 2019 Edition)

We accept files in the following formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx