For over fifty years the Caversham Bridge has been a joint Churches effort to bridge the gap between Church and Community. It grew out of the great ecumenical spirit of that time, and still tries to live up to that original purpose of being a voice not just from the church but also to the church.

In these pages we try to make sure that the whole of Caversham and all its activities are known to our readers so that they can share in the wide variety of what goes on, not just in the Church but in the many interest groups.

The churches all try to work as well together as possible whilst retaining their own identity and there is a welcome in all of them for those who want to find a place for their spiritual faith.

All the work done on this paper is by volunteers so we may not always get it right, but it is produced in Christian love for each other in the Church and for you in the community whatever your belief.

Colin Ferguson (Chairman).